Buddy System Week 1

This week was the first of two helping our third year buddies in setting up their degree show.
I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far and have learnt so much more that I thought I would have, in terms of things to remember and also what not to do! The week started with us clearing the room and then filling sanding, and painting the walls. I always like doing this sort of thing so had good fun. As I went along, I’ve been writing down bits to remember for when I’m in the same position next year:
– Remember to supply second year buddy with roller, paint brushes etc. My buddy didn’t do this for me and I definitely struggled preparing her space because of this.
– The third years I’ve spoken to bought their headers from ‘Morplan’ and any digital printing has been bought through ‘Bags of Love’.
– Some third years did all of their over locking at the beginning of this week when the stitch room was much quieter. Towards the end it did get a lot more manic in the room so I think it would be nicer to get it done earlier. This also meant that some of them chose to do it using coloured threads that complemented their designs rather than all white, which does make much a difference.

I’m looking forward to next week and seeing everything starting to come together in the studio.


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