Buddy System Week 2

This week started with a bank holiday and then on Tuesday I ‘headered’ all of my buddy’s samples for her. She then said that she didn’t really need me any more because she was getting help with putting everything up, so for the rest of the week I was helping other third years. For the most part, I was sat at a machine in the stitch room sewing headers onto samples, which I really enjoyed and was surprised at my ability to do it neatly, because this is something I usually struggle with. I learnt to have the width set at 3.5 and the length at 5 (maximum) and to do the first few stitches by turning the handle rather than using the pedal. By leaving about a centimetre at each end instead of sewing right to the edge it gave a neater finish and also made it easier to neaten and trim the thread afterwards. I also sat and threaded the end of the threads from overlocking for a lot of people and once I got the hang of it, managed to start doing this quite quickly.

I noticed that although my own buddy didn’t, a lot of the other girls had stickers printed to go onto their sample headers, which I think gave a really professional finish. This is therefore something that I definitely want to be doing myself including for example a circular one on the front with my name and then a square/rectangle sticker on the back with fabric name, design name, processes used etc.
I think I am going to use these skills to present my final croquis for this year in order to practice, and I am also planning on practising overlocking if I get time, because I didn’t get a chance to do so during the last 2 weeks.

I loved seeing all of the displays coming together towards the end and was really interested in all of the different ideas of how to display samples and final pieces. For example, someone had pieces of printed fabrics draped of the steps of a ladder, and one used a magazine rack for her sketchbooks. I’m really excited about getting my display together this time next year.
One thing that I was really surprised about was the sheer amount of final products everyone produced. I think I just assumed you’d produce samples and then one final product but there was so much more than that.

I feel like I have taken a lot from these last two weeks and the experience has made me really excited for when it comes to my own degree show.



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