Mini Boden May 2016


Today I had a flick through Boden’s catalogue for May to have a look at what Zara’s competitors are producing for this season.


As before when I did my initial market research, there is a lot of appliquéd figures and animals. I was a little worried before about just reproducing motifs that have already been done in kidswear, and that this was going to be difficult. However looking through this catalogue today, a lot of the imagery used is beach and sea themes and although this has been done multiple times before, they have added their own touch to it with embellishments and trimmings.


I love these embroidered shells on this skirt, and that they advertise the number of sequins used.

Throughout the catalogue there are outfits and two pieces which aren’t necessarily the same colours or patterns, but are coordinating pieces, designed to be worn together.
This has given me more of an idea of what coordinating designs I want in my final collection.

I think I have also decided that I am moving more towards a brighter colour palette, perhaps for next year. So far I tend to stick to quick muted pastel colours and will stick with that for this module, because it is suitable for the theme of polar nights.



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