Illustrator repeats

For part 2 I did produce some digital designs but I’m not happy with them and they need to be developed further. After the buddy experience and also by looking at some examples of patterns I like from existing designers, I have come up with some ideas of how to do this.

Robinia Leaves:

Robinia Leaves by Natalie Ryan

  • Images within the patterns can interact and merge into each other, rather than looking completely separate.
  • Using painted effects and scanning them in will go better with the other croquis in the collection than the one I produced to begin with.
By Julia Grigorieva:

Julia Grigorieva

  • If using a white background, can use more than one colour in the foreground
  • All going in the same direction
Mir Dinara:

Mir Dinara

  • Using variations in scale using different imagery
  • Lots of white space and gaps isn’t a bad thing
sea-gull and washing:

Kathryn Oxley

  • Pattern done in stripes

I’m going to try to use the above techniques to improve my mushroom designs in the next couple of weeks.


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