Glitter background

Today I have been having a play with my scanned images on photoshop. I really like this images, it was only a quick wash with watercolours in my colour scheme, with some silver glitter added to give it more of a magical effect.

glitter page cropped

Original, cropped image

hue etc adjusted

After adjusting contrast, hue, saturation etc.



Applying ‘ripple’ filter


The only thing is that in person, the glitter is really sparkly, but once scanned it obviously becomes very flat. This might mean that whatever I end up using it for, may need to have some glitter added at the end to give some texture. This could be a problem however because this isn’t very practical for children’s clothing.
I did have a look online at any techniques that would allow me to create a glitter effect on photoshop, which led me to create the image below:

Although this does have good texture similar to that of glitter, it just isn’t sparkly enough.

glitter silver

I made it more of a grey/silver colour and although this helped, it still doesn’t give the same effect as real glitter would.


After adjusting the opacity of the ‘glitter’ that I created on photoshop, I placed it over the top of my scanned image and was surprised at how effective it looked.

watercolour page with glitter over top

Then I tried it by taking a photo of glitter, adjusting the opacity and placing it on top. I think this is as glittery as I’m going to get with digital techniques!

watercolour page with glitter photo


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