Today I had a go at making some tassels. I could buy them but I would much rather make them myself to get more techniques and skills into my collection. I enjoy making them and I am able to get the exact colour and size that I need this way.


This one was made using navy blue embroidery thread. I was really happy with it for my first attempt and I think these are actually going to be the ones that I use. I like that I can trim the ends if I need shorter, stumpier tassels and also can add as long a thread on the top as I need, depending on how I am intending to attach it.
During the two weeks that we assisted the third year degree show build, I noticed that one of them (I think she was creating swimwear) had some tassels displayed with her samples.. I think this is a successful way of displaying what fabrics they would be put with rather than having to find a way of actually attaching it to the sample, then resulting in it being in the wrong place.
I think I might have the tassels to go alongside some of my digital designs, because there is a chance that they may look a little flat and without texture. However in Zara’s new range which inspired me to make these, they were often paired with plain fabrics. I will have a look which is the most effective towards the end.


This was another tassel that I made, this time using metallic thread. I do like the colour and think it goes really well in my collection, but even after using a large amount, it still just doesn’t look as full as the one made from embroidery thread. I think I will stick to the thicker ones because they were much more successful, and when put next to each other, you can really tell the difference.


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