Online Order and Getting Organised

I’m currently waiting for my order to arrive which consists of my fabrics to be used in my final designs, new pompoms which I think fit my collection better than the ones I previously bought, and some embroidery threads to make tassels, because I’m not going to have enough to make as many as I need to display. I am hoping that these items will all arrive this week but in the mean time I have plenty that I can be getting on with otherwise.

Small mini Royal Blue Pom Pom Bobble Trim 8mm wide pom poms - by the metre

I’ve written myself an action plan for each day up until the 31st May which is deadline day. This is something which I had to do as part of the field module this year and I found it really helped me. I always find ‘to do lists’ beneficial to my productivity but here I can actually write a list of things to do for every day, which helps me remember everything that needs to be done and also improves my time management. This is something that I know I need to work on and I don’t want to be doing a lot of work and getting stressed out in the last couple of days of this module.


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