Today I spent the day in the stitch workshop to finish all of my development in this area before I move on to creating my new final design samples.


First I had a play with my applique strip sample that I created last week. I was looking at it and trying to imagine it as a skirt, so I roughly pleated it with my hands, as seen in this photo. I think it would be a very appropriate fabric to use to make a pleated skirt for a baby girl and the horizontal lines look very effective when manipulated in this way. I am designing for spring/summer so this sort of garment is something that would be seen in Zara Baby around this time of year. Because of this, I think I am going to include a piece like this as one of my final design croquis. I won’t use embroidery thread on top though and stick to yarns as embellishment, as I think this purple thread stands out too much. I think I will also combine all of the blue, purple and pink shades in together because I preferred that effect in my previous samples.


I cut the sample into strips and mounted some of them over the top of previous ones in my sketchbook. I really like how they look over the top of each other and might try this in a sample, perhaps as applique? However this may make the finished fabric too thick again, which was something I tried to stay away from if it is going to be used to make children’s clothes.

I then had a go at pairing it with denim. I had had the idea of using the fabric as a lining just at the bottom of jeans, to be then turned up. I attached it to a strip of denim just to see how the fabrics would work together and look as a garment, and I am rally happy with it. It is nice to see how it would look as a final garment and I can now imagine it actually being worn by a child.

Using this piece, I had a look at how it would go with the rest of my collection. These bear samples are ideas of some placement designs which would be used to go on a tshirt for example, and would therefore be paired with these jeans. I think they work really well as coordinating designs.


I stitched out some more embroidered bear outlines with hand embroidered facial features,  and added crowns, this time with applique. I think this is much more effective than just the outlines that I did previously. I am really happy with these, but I have lost some clarity in the bear drawings. I think they are too simple and have lost the sketchy style that I like a little bit. In my final designs, I need to combine the illustrative stitch that I did before, with these applique crowns, and I think I’m onto a winner.


Digital Stitch

Today I finally started some digital stitch. This was something that I was a little reluctant to do because I was enjoying the free machine embroidery so much and was worried that the digital side would take away from this. However after taking inspiration from the third year work I saw during the buddy experience, I have decided that I want to combine both hand done pieces with digital. I think this will show off my skills better than just sticking with the same technique all of the time.



I started with this outline of a mushroom using one of my scanned drawings from my sketchbook. I ended up stitching out two in the same size because after one, I wanted to make some changes. Once I was happy with the shape I had a go a group of smaller ones.



I’m really happy with these little mushrooms and can see them as an all over pattern, perhaps to be made into leggings?


Next I stitched out another bear with an applique crown using free machine and hand embroidery, and then took it to the digital stitch and added a collection of three small mushrooms next to it. This is similar to the one I did previously using all free machine embroidery but I think it looks so much more effective with the combination of techniques. I think they need to be closer together to look more like one design, rather than separate objects, but I do think that this is a really effective composition.


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