I was off to a slow start this morning with my digital designs and found myself just staring at what I had done so far. In order to get some inspiration I had a look through my previous blog posts, particularly “Illustrator Repeats” which really helped me get started. I am happy to know that my blog is actually useful to me as well as the tutors.

bear and crown pattern screenshot

Did this one at first by adding a crown to the digital drawing of a bear that I did last week. I changed the colour of the outline from black to navy, just as I did with the stitching yesterday and am happy with what this looks like. I also added some crowns around the pattern. I’m not overly happy with this overall design but it could be developed into something better.

bear and crown pattern screenshot

This design started as the bear and mushroom pattern that I did last week. I, again, changed the colours to something more appropriate and added some more mushrooms. It is surprising how much difference flipping and distorting the mushrooms can make. I really like this design and can definitely imagine it being sold by Zara.

These images have been taken from today and are some of their current collection of leggings and trousers for baby girls. These are perfect for babies – they are comfortable and allow maximum movement. For the last few years at least, I know that Zara always have a range of these sort of things, whatever season and I have therefore designed the above patterns for this sort of garment.


I went back and had a look at the mushroom digital patterns that I created for part 2:

Now looking back at these, I was really happy with the digital pieces that I have done so far for part three, because I can see how I have improved. These aren’t bad, but look unfinished and definitely need to be developed further.


This design took me a really long time because I was having difficulties with illustrator on the university computers, but you see the idea of where it was going here. I like that the mushrooms merge into each other vertically, this was something new that I tried after looking at some existing examples. However I do think it is much too regimented in the rows that go horizontally so I’m going to work on this.


Here I’ve moved them closer together and at more of a diagonal angle. I do think this is better but I need to take a step back a bit. From when I was experimenting in my sketchbook with my drawings and a light box, I knew that although they do look quite effective, I don’t want my patterns to be too busy. I want the objects to be instantly recognisable.
Instead I think I’m going to play around with scale with more space in between.

mushroom pattern.jpg

I’m finally really happy with this design and I think the bigger spacing is really effective. It is a clear development from my original mushroom design which I created for part 3, but is much more established pattern for clothing. I played around more with scale, spacing and angles and I’m very pleased with it. This will definitely be one of my final 6 for part three, and I am thinking of pairing it with either pompoms or tassels.


I’ve started trying to do a CAD of the bear and mushroom pattern as leggings but am really not happy with what I did, so I think I am going to come back to that tomorrow. However I can kind of see how the fabric design would work on a garment and I am happy with this.

legging cad attempt screenshot.png


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