The first thing I did today was put my two designs that I created yesterday next to each other to see if they coordinated well or not.

patterns next to eachother

Looking at them together, I definitely prefer the mushroom one on its own. I think it is much more suitable for what I want it for, and I also think that it is a much more fluent pattern. I have played around with the bears over and over again but it always seems to look too regimented. As in the one above, you can really clearly see the stripes in the pattern and this isn’t what I wanted. However I really like the mushroom pattern and I think that this is one of my final designs because I can definitely imagine it on a pair of leggings.

I wanted to have another go at creating a CAD visual but this time of the bear image on a garment. This is a placement design and will go either on a t shirt or a babygrow.


I’m really happy with this one, it is simple but I think it is effective in displaying what the intended look is and, ones displayed alongside the sample of the stitched bear, it will work well.

mushroom cad.png

I did also do this one which is an example of how the digitally stitched mushrooms could be placed on a pocket, and am happy with it.


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