CAD Visuals

Today I decided to finalise my CAD visuals. I think in part 3 of Making Connections, this is the thing that I have struggled with the most. In terms of digital overall, I have definitely improved throughout this project and I think this is apparent in my work. However I would still say that digital is definitely my weakest point in my work. I don’t plan to do too much of it in my third and final year because I am definitely more into the handmade, stitched side of design. However it is nice to have basic knowledge of how to use it, if I need it.

Due to this, I think I am going to keep my CAD simple. I have watched a lot of tutorials and read up on it a lot, but I’m still left confused and I feel that if I try it and it isn’t done well, it will look worse than if I keep it simple and professional!

blue bear baby grow

I wanted to do one of a babygrow with my bear placement and I think this is a much better photo than the one I used previously of the one actually on a child. At the moment it just seems a bit plain, like something’s missing and actually, none of my final designs are just a bear on its own. There are two which are just stitched outlines and one is surrounded by mushrooms, whereas the other is wearing a crown. I think I am going to try to create the latter on photoshop.

blue bear baby grow.jpg

This was the finished product. I know that it isn’t totally perfect but I have spend a lot of time on it and so am happy with it. It is really exciting to be able to picture what my designs would look like if they were made into garments to be sold.

On Monday I’m planning on getting it printed off nicely, alongside my digital mushroom pattern at the print studio at uni.


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