Last Week of Making Connections

I’ve written my daily ‘to do’ list for next week in more detail, now that I know what I achieved last week and what still needs to be done. I think this will be successful in making sure everything is done in time and, although the list looks scary and full on now, it will help me a lot in keeping organised.

I also sorted and mounted a couple of final bits in my sketchbook. It feels good to have finally finished all of my development so that I can get on with my collection of six designs!

Below is a list of what these are:

1. Digital mushroom pattern – designed to be printed onto jersey fabric and made into leggings

2. Free embroidered bear placement design – with crown and beaded details

3. Sheer, sparkly fabric with applique triangles making up pattern – designed for a tutu-style skirt

4.  Free embroidered bear placement, surrounded by digitally stitched mushrooms

5. Layered up applique stripe fabric, displayed with denim, for jeans with lining turn ups

6. Applique and free embroidered bear placement with triangles in hand embroidery inside lines

My final fabrics are lilac and pale blue cottons. I decided on these colours in particular because I didn’t like the white backgrounds – looked unfinished and white isn’t actually in colour scheme – and they are the paler shades in my colour scheme. This allows me to use any darker shades on top and they will definately be seen. These fabrics will be used on four of my designs, the other two are a sparkly chiffon and the applique stripe layered fabric.

I’m really excited to finally see my collection come together and to also reflect on how it has improved compared to what I produced at the end of part 2 of Making Connections.


Glacially-fed Lake Moraine, Banff National Park, Canada, photo: Tirso (also known as John Lee):


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