This morning I went and spoke to the print studio about getting my CAD visual and my digital mushroom pattern printed. With the size that I want them, I could just print them on the normal printers around the uni, but I wanted to get that professional finish of the higher standard printing and thicker paper which I didn’t have for part 2.

I spent most of the day in the stitch workshop today making what I think will be my most time consuming final croquis.
I started off with the triangle appliqué onto sheer fabric.


I’m really happy with how this design came out. It is one which I have done a lot of development for in my sketchbook, mostly during part two, and I think this helped get the best outcome. I used three different types of fabrics for the appliqué, I had experimented using a lot more, and also less, but I think it is better to keep to the three. I also decided to have a mixture of appliqué and just outline because this seemed to be the most effective sample in my development, playing on the use of light to create shadow. I used three lines of stitching to keep the line even when pulling off the backing paper and to also hide where the stitch was started and finished. This also means that it will hopefully coordinate better with the free embroidered bears in my collection, because they have more than one line of stitch with a sketchy, illustrative style.I used a slightly silvery fabric with a bit of sparkle to keep to that magical theme going that I’ve been experimenting with in my painting.

The technique in this design is mostly inspired by my research into fashion designers Carolina Herrera, Aiden Mattox and Fendi.


As I did with some of my previous samples in this style, I held it up to the window once finished to see the effect light has on the shapes. I think this works really well and am very very happy with this piece. It would be perfect used as fabric for  a skirt, in a sort of tutu style.

I also completed the appliqué stripe fabric sample:

I used two different coloured thread: a pale silvery blue and a navy, which is the same shade that I did the triangles in, and the embroidery will also be done in. I kept the spread of colours and textures even instead of using a sort of ombre effect which I had experimented with, and over the top of the whole thing, added shiny chiffon, the same as used as the background for the triangle appliqué above. The main thing that this design is inspired by is my paintings using water colours, glitter and pearlescent paint and therefore wanted to subtly achieve this effect in wearable, practical fabric.
I think I am going to display this sample with a little bit of denim in order to show what it would be used for. I have found a darker, more navy denim than I used previously which I think blend in much better with the whole collection. I’m not sure if this will be obvious that this is what it is meant to be for though so I may consider creating another CAD, in order for it to be more obvious to the viewer.


I think the designs go beautifully together and this has given me more confidence in my collection as a whole.

These two croquis just need to be trimmed and either over locked or pinking sheared before being mounted onto headers and displayed.

Tomorrow I have a tutorial with Helen in the morning to discuss the exhibition and to look at what I have done so far. After this I will start some more of my final croquis in the stitch room.


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