Working on Final Croquis

Today in the stitch room I got started on the next final design. I free machine embroidered a bear outline, smaller than I have done previously in order to fit some digitally embroidered mushrooms all around it.


I then took it through into digital stitched and used the plastic grid guide to create a pattern on the computer, ensuring that all of the mushrooms would be in the right place.




Even though this sample took up quite a lot of time today, I don’t think it is actually very effective. There is something that just isn’t working. I’m also having second thoughts about having three final croquis with a bear as a placement. This is something that I think I am going to change. I know that this is a bit close to the deadline to be changing a design but I feel like I have enough development to be able to take a step back and decide on something that I can replace it with.

Today I also stitched out another outline of a bear, but bigger than above, with an appliqué crown. I will add the beads to this tomorrow.


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