Last of Final 6

Today was my last day of making my final 6 designs.
I started by making a new one to replace the bear and mushroom design that I did yesterday. I am sticking with my decision that this just wasn’t working in the collection so I took the risk and started a new one today.


I still wanted to include some digitally embroidered mushrooms because I was really happy with the shape and the idea of including another technique in my designs.
This isn’t a great photo and it does look slightly puckered, but once it has been pressed, over locked and headered I think it will work well with my other croquis.
I can picture this design on a pocket or as the sleeves on a t-shirt, which is something that I discussed with Helen during my tutorial on Tuesday.

While on the digital stitch machine I had the idea of adding one to another one of my 6 designs, in order to get some coherence across the collection. I was looking at my appliqué strip sample and thought that it had something missing, so this was the one which I chose to add to.


I did it in a corner so that it could be trimmed off if it didn’t work but I am actually really happy with how this came out. I used the same thread used for the lines and I think this is very effective. I can definitely imagine this on the corner of a turn up for the jeans.

I added the beads to the crown on the bear too, and am very happy with this. It is really exciting to see my collection come together with all of the little embellishments and finishing touches.


When adding the hand embroidered triangles to the appliqué bear, I decided that it looked a bit silly on its own in the middle as a placement. I therefore decided to add a few around the edge and this is definitely much better.


Now I just need to trim, over lock and header these samples and I am ready to put up my exhibition!



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