Subject Reflection

Looking back at my second year, I can’t believe how quickly it has flown by. Overall I really enjoyed the Making Connections project because it allowed me to learn a lot about the textile design industry and what is involved in being a textile designer. I loved that we could chose anyone to design for and whatever theme we wanted, this allowed us to go down any route. I feel that this has helped me to develop as a designer, learning what my preferred styles of working and techniques are. I also enjoyed seeing the work of the other members of the cohort as we went through this year, learning from them and seeing everyone’s individual styles.

Research is one of my favourite parts to starting a project so I really got stuck into part one. I chose to design for Zara because I felt like I had a good knowledge of their brand and their past collections. Having worked in their kidswear department before coming to university, I was already very familiar with their ‘look’ and what sort of imagery and techniques would fit in well as a new collection. I enjoyed researching into the company itself, WGSN trend predictions and ideas relating to my theme (which at this point was scandinavian design and geometrics).
I am proud of my research folder and how it is presented, because this is something that I took a lot of time in doing in order for it to look professional.

Image 1 of  from Zara:

Moving from part one into two of Making Connections, I was inspired by field and decided to stick to the techniques that I enjoy, which are largely based in stitch. The geometrics that I wanted to create were taking me towards print and this wasn’t what I wanted. I therefore went back to my research and had a look at Scandinavian wildlife, which was something that I would really be able to explore in my stitch. After looking into native animals and plants, I ended up settling mostly on the imagery of a brown bear and a ‘spindelskirling’ mushroom.

I loved putting together a collection of 12 croquis, although I did struggle with the paper ones. I enjoyed drawing and then taking those into stitch, so it was hard for me to have final croquis on paper that I was happy with. Seeing all 12 together helped me to see them all come together as a collection and all of the hard work was worth it.
My presentation of work at the end of part 2 went well and I received some very positive oral feedback. I was especially pleased with how it was obvious to other viewers that I had stuck with my theme from the beginning and that it successfully resonated throughout my whole collection.

For part 3, I initially found it quite difficult to pick up the project for the second time after a break from it, but I do think that this step back enabled me to see what I could improve. Using this and by referring back to my formative feedback, I compiled a list of things that I wanted to develop and improve on. By setting myself daily tasks to complete, I am happy with the amount I have achieve in the last 3 weeks.
I’m very pleased with my collection of 6 designs, which are all new since the third part. Looking back and comparing these to what I produced before, I can see a clear improvement and therefore the benefits of sticking with the one project. I am now at a point where I am really proud of them because of this. I have really thought about where these designs would be seen and the practical element of them being used for baby clothing.

My work ethic has changed dramatically this year, especially in the last part of the project. I achieved so much in the final weeks just because I stuck my head down and got organised. I am really excited for what my final year on this course has in store, and can’t wait to start!



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