Subject and Field Reflection

For me this year, my subject definitely had a big positive influence on my field work. I was the only one from textiles in my group so was able to bring those skills to the team to create the artwork and seating which would have been harder for them.
Also, after completing the field module, I know that it had a big impact on my subject work.
I feel that, because of the intensity and fast pace of the project, I am much more keen to come into uni 5 days a week and stay later, rather than just leaving as soon as I was frustrated with something. I spent so much time in the studios and workshops and realise how much work I can actually produce by doing this. It has meant that, in my subject work, I am spending more than just the timetabled hours in university.
I have also explored the building more, venturing into all of the workshops that I was too nervous about previously. I now confidently know my way around the whole building and it seems so silly that it took me this long, just because I felt no need to go elsewhere. There are so many amazing facilities around the building and thanks to field, I am much more confident in using these, or going to get inducted. This will also be made easier by the fact that I now know most of the technical demonstrators, if just by face, meaning I am happier to go and speak to them about my work if I need to.
Digital embroidery is also something that I have become a lot more confident and competent with, and I know that this is something that will help a lot in my subject work. I had previously done it, but after practising and being able to do it alone, I am more likely to just go in and get on with it myself. I also used the bigger machine which I hadn’t previously, so again I am more likely to use this in my subject work because it doesn’t seem so scary and out of reach.
During Field this year, we were very much encouraged and reminded that all work should be completed to a professional standard, which means that I now automatically do this, knowing that the presentation is just as important as what is being displayed. This is also something that was confirmed by my experience during the buddy system weeks, where setting up the degree show was all about professional presentation. It makes such a big difference and would be a shame if a brilliant piece of work was let down by the presentation at the end, which is so worth taking that time on.
Overall, I learned a lot of new skills during the making process, for example: putting in an exposed zip; digitally embroidered text and the possibilities within this; framing fabric pieces to a high, professional standard and working quickly and efficiently when making more than one final product.





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