Finishing Touches

Today I’ve been adding the finishing touches to my 6 croquis before they are over locked and headered tomorrow morning.
I layed them out all together and am so happy with how they’re looking as a collection. I then had a little play with the pompoms and tassels, looking at what would look best where.

13335200_10154207376869629_103953316_n (1)


I’ve actually had a little bit of a change of plans with the pompoms. The blue ones above are the ones I actually bought for this and the pink I had previously. I’m still not happy with the blue ones that I bought, they just aren’t the right shade of blue. I’ve therefore decided to use these pink ones, to get that side of my colour scheme more into the final collection and I really like how they look up against my samples.




I tried this first because it was one that I was quite confident in working. However I think it does just look too overcrowded, especially with the new addition of the stitched mushroom. It is a shame because the pompoms go beautifully with the colours in the appliqué, but I think it is just too much and needs to be either one or the other.
This was similar when I tried the tassels and pompoms with the bear with the hand embroidered triangles. It just looked over-done.











I really like the tassels displayed with the digital mushroom pattern. I think they are a little flat otherwise and the lines match the colour of the embroidery thread perfectly.














I’m really happy with this one, I wasn’t expecting it to work because there isn’t actually any pink in the fabrics used but I think it brings together the colour scheme very well. This is a design for skirt fabric and I can definitely imagine pompoms around the bottom, which is how I am hoping to display it.








These are the final decisions and I’m very happy with them. I’m really looking forward to seeing them all neatened up and mounted together.

I also needed to choose which two of my four mood boards will be used in the exhibition. They haven’t changed since we received our formative feedback because I felt like they were still suitable and it wasn’t suggested to me that they were altered.


I don’t think I’m going to use the market competitors board because I don’t feel like it is as relevant as the other three. I am also thinking that my colour and texture board is a lot stronger and coherent to my collection than the theme board. I’ve therefore chosen to show colour and texture, and customer profile. I feel that, for the exhibition, these are the most aesthetically pleasing and also go well with my final collection.

For the rest of the day I am just trimming up the samples and marking up the edges ready for the headers tomorrow.


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