Final Exhibition and Meeting about Third Year

Today I put up my work in the exhibition space and I’m really happy with the outcome.



I had a lot to do today, including overlocking and headering all of my fabric croquis. At one point I did consider possibly not overlocking and just trimming them with pinking sheers instead (because I was worried about time), but then decided to go ahead with it anyway. I think it made such a difference and it was definitely very useful to me to get confident with the over locker as early on as possible in order to get the best out of my presentation next year.
I spent a lot of time sewing the headers on to my final 6. I learnt how to do this neatly and properly during the two weeks of buddying the third years and am now confident in doing this myself. They look so different from and much better than the headering I have done for my own work previously and it makes such a difference.
I am so pleased with my collection overall. I feel that it is definitely an accurate representation of what I can do and am looking forward to developing this even further next year.

Just before I put everything up, we had a meeting about the first project of third year in September. I’m really happy that we were told about this now because it means I can start thinking about my ideas and maybe start some research and drawing over the summer.

I cannot believe my second year is over but I am so excited to start back in September!


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