Catch up!

Hello third year!

Today was our first day back after summer: there was a lot to take in and I think this year is going to be intense, but I’m really excited to get started.

My summer was spent working full time in admin in an office. It was an interesting experience and I learnt a lot about running a business and a lot of the jargon used, which I had no idea about before. This will hopefully be really useful to me in the future, as someone who would like to run my own business after university. I spoke to a lot of inspirational business people in my time there and although they specialised in a very different field, it was  advantageous for me to hear their advice and encouragement.

They have recently started a scheme called ‘Women in M&A’, which encourages women in the company to grow as business women and not succumb to any limitations. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first event, where the guest speaker was a lady called Charlotte, who started her own business: Rabble. Charlotte is a young, ex-Olympic athlete who after an accident, decided to quit competing in favour of her new idea. Rabble is basically a fitness provider who put the fun back into exercise. Hearing her story was so inspiring and I managed to speak to her after the talk. She told me to never let anything stop you achieving your goals, and whatever life throws at you (in her case, a collapsed lung and a broken back..!) can be overcome. We have agreed to stay in touch and she said that I can feel free to ask her anything when it comes to starting up.


I also won an award during my time with this company for which I was nominated by a colleague, for professional attitude and a smiley face!

Although I did enjoy my time working in an office for the last 3 months, it has also confirmed that it is not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, which will motivate me to work harder, in order for me to work harder in order to not have to!

I also visited New Designers in June which was so inspiring, see previous post.
This is something which I a still very interested in taking part in this year.

Image result for new designers logo
One other thing that I did this summer was design some stationary for a family wedding. I was lucky enough to be asked to design the invitations, RSVP cards and table decorations. This was definitely an eye-opening experience in terms of the time involved and how to work to a client’s specific requests and requirements. Overall it was extremely rewarding to see them finished and in use, and to hear all the lovely comments about them from the guests. It was also really useful for me to get some illustrator practice in before third yer starts.
Below are some examples of the outcomes.

BackFront ceremonyFront eveningrsvp cardrsvp back



I’m very much looking forward to starting our first project and already have some ideas that I am excited about. On Thursday we are visiting the International Greetings studios which I think will be really useful in getting an idea of what they are really looking for.


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