Christmas Waste and Ethical Thinking

Further to my thoughts over the summer regarding how wasteful wrapping paper and greetings cards can be, I have done a little research to start myself off.

  • In the UK, we send 5 million tonnes of paper to land fill each year
  • In 1995, 1000 tonnes were sold in the UK
  • On average, it takes 6 mature trees to make a tonne

I came across this site called ‘Wrag Wrap’, who produce a reusable fabric gift wrap – “ethical gift wrap that lasts and lasts”.

Small Crackle fabric wrap in Neon Pink.  Shown wrapping a paperback novel.

The True Cost of Valentine’s Day

If there’s one thing that I have learnt from all of these articles is that the waste from greetings cards are humongous.

I think it would be great if I could produce a range with the same concept as Wrag Wrap, of having something that can be re-used, either for the same purpose or something completely  different. I’ve seen students in previous years do this sort of thing and I think it has been the most successful.


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