Consultancy – Initial Thinking

Image result for paperchase card display

Over the summer it was a friend’s birthday and, while in a shop choosing a card and wrapping paper for her present, it really got me thinking. There is such a huge variety of choice out there and I always spend so much time choosing something perfect, it is such a shame that you know that in the end, it will be thrown away. At Christmas I always spend time wrapping and decorating everyone’s presents for it to be ripped up and chucked out. And although I sometimes do keep a few special cards after each birthday, the majority I bin. This sometimes puts me off the idea of feeling obliged to buy a card to do alongside a present, but I can’t help spending the money and giving in to it anyway. That’s the other thing, cards can be so expensive! They are then opened, read once, put on display for a few days and thrown out.
The majority of these beautiful cards are non-recyclable. Although made of paper, they often have embellishments e.g glitter and ribbons, which ultimately make it much more difficult to recycle the card. This goes the same for gift wrap and bags, which are often dyed, laminated and covered in sticky tape. It is designed for single use only and although some may try to reuse it, ultimately it will perish and be thrown away.
I was always brought up to re use Christmas cards by cutting them up and using them for bookmarks or gift tags for the next year. I think this is such a simple idea but is a fab way of finding another use for them.
This is something that I want to look into further and hopefully incorporate into my thinking for the consultancy project.


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