Seed Paper and ‘Plantable’ Cards

Just before the summer I was having a conversation at home about a piece of paper received with a product from Clarins. It had seeds in it and the instructions said to soak and plant it. I was fascinated by this concept and sure enough, it has grown into a beautiful wildflower.


I love this idea as a favour for customers and had the idea of making cards out of handmade paper with seeds embedded.

Last year I did a paper making workshop and spent some time experimenting with this, although didn’t end up using it for my work. This could be a nice way to use this new skill and develop it further.

I knew that this couldn’t be an original idea so I had a look online and found a few companies that sell them.

Botanical Paperworks was the first I found, and they sell a variety of products including invites and confetti.
They seem to be the biggest company that I’e come across who sell these sort of products.

These delicate and elegant Seeds of Love Plantable Wedding Invitations are embedded with wildflower seeds so your guests can plant them and watch your love grow.

I also found ‘Bloomin’, who have the same sort of products.




‘Plantable Seed Paper’ are another online company who sell plantable cards.


Seed paper Christmas cards - Have a cool Yule

Because there are already quite a few sellers out there, I need to think about what would be my unique selling point. All of the seed paper that I have seen so far have been wildflower seeds.
I was thinking about looking into butterflies and bees, as these are attracted to these sort of plants and it encourages them into your garden. This could be a really interesting concept to research and would also make a good theme for my cards.
I am also toying with the idea of incorporating food, for example herb seeds and perhaps also vegetables. My Dad is a gardener so I am going to ask his opinion on what would work best.


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