Visit to International Greetings

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Today’s trip to International Greetings was overall both exciting and overwhelming! There was a huge amount to take in but it was so inspiring to actually be taken around the studios and see each stage in action. It was also really good to see some ex-students working there, that could be some of us in 12 months time!

A lot of the products and designs we saw were Christmas based, but I decided today that I am going to stick with what they call the ‘everyday’ which are products not aimed at a particular season, i.e. birthday cards. I have had a few ideas over summer so am excited to start my research properly, now that I am completely sure of the brief.

It was really nice to meet Sarah this morning and she had a lot of useful advice to give:

  • Stick with what you are good at – just because you may like a certain style of design, do you have the skills to carry it off? Use your strengths.
  • Don’t choose too many colours in your colour scheme, it is unnecessary and harder to stick to.
  • When presenting, be passionate. Even if you are nervous, it will be clear that you really care about what you are showing.
  • Be creative and don’t limit yourself – we have so many techniques and facilities open to us so use them!
  • And above all: have fun and  enjoy it!

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