Workshop Day


Today I spent the morning in the print workshop and had a bit of a refresher with lino printing. I did a Wednesday workshop last year where I learnt the basics but wanted to remind myself of the technique. The print workshop was really quiet so Steve was able to spend more time with us on this technique, which was really helpful.

First I tried the new dremel tool on wood but felt that it didn’t really get deep enough for what I wanted to do, so I moved onto the lino and hand tools. Because I don’t have any actual designs yet I just had a play with some imagery that I’ve been thinking about and I was actually really happy them.

I would like to do some more of this technique, but maybe when I’ve got some more solid ideas for designs.
We also had the idea of trying foiling with lino, which was something that Steve had never done. I really love the results of this and would definitely like to experiment more with. I’ve also never done foil on paper so am really excited about this concept.
I love the different gradient of colour that you can get.

On Monday morning I’m going to go back into the print room and expose a screen ready to print from. I spoke to Steve about using a small, A4 screen because I don’t really want to print repeats, just motifs (because I think I am going to go for the card option). This weekend I’m going to start sketching some initial ideas and choose one for a screen.

I’d also like to start really thinking about my colour scheme, to help my experiments look a little bit more cohesive! I’m thinking of going bright this term, as a trial for my final major. I am always attracted to bold colours in other people’s work but I always stick to more pale, pastel and muted colours myself. Greens are definitely going to feature, and I am thinking maybe yellows and oranges.


I spent this afternoon in digital stitch for the first workshop. Again, it was really good to have a refresher in this technique.
I didn’t have any pictures with me but instead of using one of Maggie’s, Chloe had some photos of flowers from her project last year which she let me use. I chose a rose because they are a similar shape to a lettuce, which is one of the things I’m thinking of looking into.

I did try one with a fill but much preferred it as just an outline.

I’m really happy with the result and also really like the lime green coloured thread.
It isn’t possible to use the uni digital stitch machines to embroider onto paper so if this is a technique that I use, I will either scan in my designs or do them onto fabric to then attach to the cards. However I am also planning on doing a lot of free machine embroidery, which I can do onto paper, so maybe this is a better technique for me.


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