One of the things which were suggested to me in my chat with the consultants on Thursday was to work on my designs, so today I spend my time in the studio drawing elements which could be included. I primarily focused on vegetables to represent the complementary recipes on the cards.

My (hopefully) final 8 cards are:
– Dill
– Thyme
– Parsley
– Rosemary
– Coriander and Carrot (recipe for carrot and coriander soup)
– Basil and Tomato (recipe for tomato and basil pasta sauce)
– Mint and Pea (recipe for minted peas)
– Chives and Potatoes (recipe for potato salad)

I experimented with different media to add colour and also different ways of presenting the veg, by using photos and looking at my artists in my research folder.

I have fallen in love with the shape of the pea pods – these were definitely my favourite to draw. I’d never really paid attention to the curly stalks on the top but I think they’re a cute little extra which allow them to become quite stylised drawings. I’m also a fan of this more realistic shape of the carrots, which are much longer and thinner than I would usually draw. I think this is due to using photos of actual carrots to draw from rather than doing it from memory. I can definitely see these transferred into stitch, which will hopefully be my next step.

I then had a play with circular designs, which was something else suggested by the consultant (she really liked the ones I had drawn previously and suggested developing this further).

This afternoon I also sorted out the recipes which will feature maybe on the back of the cards. I had a look online at various websites and also used my own experience of cooking, which is something I really enjoy doing.
I’ve also planted some seeds in one of the newspaper pots that I made a couple of weeks ago, just to see how they work out.


Seed paper update!

This week my seed paper that I planted a couple of weeks ago has finally germinated! I had almost given up on the idea of it growing so was so excited to see the start of some chives peeking through the soil. By today the sprouts have grown so quickly, and I’m really happy that my concept is something that I know would work for potential customers!

Made By Hand

Made by Hand Wales

Today I went to Made By Hand at the City Hall. This is my second year visiting and loved it just as much as the first time. I find it so inspiring seeing all of the artists selling their own work and working for themselves, as this is something that I am planning on doing after uni. It was perfect timing after our Professional Practice lecture from Clojo this week about starting up at uni. She gave us a few hints as to what is the best way to go about it and also some names for places who offer advice and funding to graduates.
I felt really inspired and motivated walking around the exhibits, and one which caught my eye was Alice Shields, who is a ceramicist. I was looking at her brooches and jewellery when a pot of plant labels caught my eye. They were very simple, thin pieces with tiny illustrations and handwritten labels on them. I didn’t manage to get a photo and she doesn’t seem t have them on her website which is a shame, but it was really nice to see the handwritten element, as this is something which I am thinking of using myself for this consultancy module.


We also managed to see Karen Dell’armi, who we met about a month ago at the entrepreneurship ‘Monthly Mingle’. She is a contemporary jewellery maker who was really helpful in terms of advice for setting up and running your own business in the arts field. It was really good to see her today in action.


Interim Consultancy Visit

Today we had a visit from the consultants to present our ideas so far to them. Surprisingly, I was less nervous than I expected, I think because I knew that it was informal more of a chat. I went first in our group and am really happy with how it went.
Points that I took from the feedback are:
– Colour scheme:
Take away pink and orange and add some more earthy greens. Keep the bright lime green as a pop and also stick with the silver
– Target market doesn’t need to be female, take away gender and keep it unisex, pink in colour scheme is gender biased so removing this helps
– Be aware of similarity in the current market, keep producing original ideas, unique selling points
– Liked the freehand, hand drawn element to my designs
– Complimentary culinary idea: love this, definitely the route to go down, start illustrating foods alongside the herbs, possibility of hand written recipes on back of cards?
– Like sketches in book more than bigger designs, more experimentation!
– Really like the stitched elements, stick with this as a technique
– Think of more ways to incorporate the tag on the front of the card
– Look further into typography

Image result for pantone greens

This chat has given me a lot to think about in terms of my next steps, some of which are: more illustrations including foods; more experimentation in typography (letterpress is still something I’d like to experiment with); revisit colour scheme and look up/think of some recipes to compliment seeds in card.





I spent the morning today in stitch, having a little play with other ways of getting the silver glitter in my designs.

I used a combination of acrylic paint and watercolour to see which effect I preferred. At the moment I am leaning towards the brighter green of the acrylic, just because it is a bolder block of colour, however I think I can also achieve this effect with watercolour so will experiment further with this.
I definitely like the idea of having a silver glitter element in my designs however I much prefer it where I’ve added on top of the green in the leaves as opposed to replicating the black outline with silver thread. So again, I will continue to experiment with adding glitter.

I also had a go at using dissolvable fabric to make tiny petals, which I then hand stitched onto my drawing. It took me a few attempts to attach them to the paper as it kept ripping but I now think that this may have been because my needle was too thick. It would also be better onto stitch lines, aesthetically and also because there would already be needle holes in the paper to go through, to prevent making more which leads to the paper ripping.

Mood boards

I’ve finally completed my mood boards ready for tomorrow, after having a bit of trouble getting them to the point where I was actually happy with them. After a lot of rearranging, resizing and adding/taking away bits, I’m now happy for them to be shown to the consultants.




Seed Packets and Glittery Thyme

Today I spent the morning in the stitch room having a quick go at making seed packets from brown paper. This was an idea that I had while discussing my ideas with Keireine in my tutorial, as a way of including the complimentary vegetable seeds to maybe go on the front of the cards.

I used the bright green in my colour scheme for the thread and am really happy with this, adds an interesting pop of colour to the brown and keeps it light and a little quirky, just how I wanted it.
It took me a while to get the hang of the template (I wasn’t clever enough to find one on line and decided to wing it and work it out myself!), but once I had worked out the shape I needed to create it was easier. I didn’t change the bobbin from the normal white thread but this is something I would definitely change if I do these again, because you obviously look at the back too.
Overall I was happy with these for a first attempt and am considering taking them further. I’ll show them to the consultant on Thursday and see what she thinks of them.

This week I’ve also had a little go at adding glitter to my illustrations. Silver glitter is in my colour scheme and I think if used in moderation can look really sophisticated.


I’m going to take this into stitch next and see how it looks if I use glitter thread to add this detail.