Initial Drawings

I’ve started to do some drawings from my photographs which are the beginning of my final designs, to be taken hopefully both into print and stitch.

I used watercolour first and although it was good to really have a look at the basic shapes of the plants, I’m not completely happy with these.
I found the chives the hardest because the shape is so simple that it is hard to make it look effective. My favourite is fennel (bottom 2 photos) because there is an interesting shape which will be good to try in different medias.

Here I used a combination of felt pen and watercolour and this is much better than the watercolour on its own. It was much easier to get the specific shape of each individual herb with the outlines.

Taking a bit of inspiration from one of the artists I researched, Minna May, I used a combination of black fine liner and watercolours. However looking bck at her work, she actually uses watercolour first then adds the details with pen, so I might have a go at this too. This is my favourite technique so far and I think it would look lovely in screen print.

Recently, I have been thinking about the idea of having a frame around the herb illustration on the card to add some more detail. So I have a little doodle and drew up a few ideas for if I decide that this is a good idea.


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