Tutorial with Keireine

I had a tutorial today and it was so helpful. Keireine gave me a lot of ideas to think about and I’m really excited to keep going with it. I felt like I needed a quick chat just to check that I was on the right track and to see if there was anything I needed to change/do differently.
Things now to think about/do next are as follows:
– Idea of doing 4 plantable seed cards rather than 8 and have the remaining 4 as another idea, think about things which compliment the herbs, for example tomatoes for basil etc.
– Target audience can be broad, I’m thinking teens to 60’s?
– Get stitching to establish the design element of the cards
– Possibly doing something with the envelopes too – these will be thrown away otherwise!

I really like the idea of having half of the cards as something different as I think my theme could get samey. I was thinking about the complementary idea and I really like it, especially because I have been thinking about the recipe, cooking side of things. This would be a nice idea to get the recipient thinking about what they can actually use their seeds for, and encourage them to actually plant them.
We did toy with the idea of having gardening tools etc on them, however I really feel like this is something that is overdone, especially recently with the previous third years’ work and what I saw on display at New Designers. I’d like to therefore stay away from this idea in order to put my personal touch on the range.
It would be good to get the seeds on a card in a little seed package, much like you buy them in but handmade, possibly stitched, with an illustration of what’s inside on the front.This is something I’m going to give a go in the next week or so.



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