Seed Packets and Glittery Thyme

Today I spent the morning in the stitch room having a quick go at making seed packets from brown paper. This was an idea that I had while discussing my ideas with Keireine in my tutorial, as a way of including the complimentary vegetable seeds to maybe go on the front of the cards.

I used the bright green in my colour scheme for the thread and am really happy with this, adds an interesting pop of colour to the brown and keeps it light and a little quirky, just how I wanted it.
It took me a while to get the hang of the template (I wasn’t clever enough to find one on line and decided to wing it and work it out myself!), but once I had worked out the shape I needed to create it was easier. I didn’t change the bobbin from the normal white thread but this is something I would definitely change if I do these again, because you obviously look at the back too.
Overall I was happy with these for a first attempt and am considering taking them further. I’ll show them to the consultant on Thursday and see what she thinks of them.

This week I’ve also had a little go at adding glitter to my illustrations. Silver glitter is in my colour scheme and I think if used in moderation can look really sophisticated.


I’m going to take this into stitch next and see how it looks if I use glitter thread to add this detail.


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