I spent the morning today in stitch, having a little play with other ways of getting the silver glitter in my designs.

I used a combination of acrylic paint and watercolour to see which effect I preferred. At the moment I am leaning towards the brighter green of the acrylic, just because it is a bolder block of colour, however I think I can also achieve this effect with watercolour so will experiment further with this.
I definitely like the idea of having a silver glitter element in my designs however I much prefer it where I’ve added on top of the green in the leaves as opposed to replicating the black outline with silver thread. So again, I will continue to experiment with adding glitter.

I also had a go at using dissolvable fabric to make tiny petals, which I then hand stitched onto my drawing. It took me a few attempts to attach them to the paper as it kept ripping but I now think that this may have been because my needle was too thick. It would also be better onto stitch lines, aesthetically and also because there would already be needle holes in the paper to go through, to prevent making more which leads to the paper ripping.


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