Interim Consultancy Visit

Today we had a visit from the consultants to present our ideas so far to them. Surprisingly, I was less nervous than I expected, I think because I knew that it was informal more of a chat. I went first in our group and am really happy with how it went.
Points that I took from the feedback are:
– Colour scheme:
Take away pink and orange and add some more earthy greens. Keep the bright lime green as a pop and also stick with the silver
– Target market doesn’t need to be female, take away gender and keep it unisex, pink in colour scheme is gender biased so removing this helps
– Be aware of similarity in the current market, keep producing original ideas, unique selling points
– Liked the freehand, hand drawn element to my designs
– Complimentary culinary idea: love this, definitely the route to go down, start illustrating foods alongside the herbs, possibility of hand written recipes on back of cards?
– Like sketches in book more than bigger designs, more experimentation!
– Really like the stitched elements, stick with this as a technique
– Think of more ways to incorporate the tag on the front of the card
– Look further into typography

Image result for pantone greens

This chat has given me a lot to think about in terms of my next steps, some of which are: more illustrations including foods; more experimentation in typography (letterpress is still something I’d like to experiment with); revisit colour scheme and look up/think of some recipes to compliment seeds in card.





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