Made By Hand

Made by Hand Wales

Today I went to Made By Hand at the City Hall. This is my second year visiting and loved it just as much as the first time. I find it so inspiring seeing all of the artists selling their own work and working for themselves, as this is something that I am planning on doing after uni. It was perfect timing after our Professional Practice lecture from Clojo this week about starting up at uni. She gave us a few hints as to what is the best way to go about it and also some names for places who offer advice and funding to graduates.
I felt really inspired and motivated walking around the exhibits, and one which caught my eye was Alice Shields, who is a ceramicist. I was looking at her brooches and jewellery when a pot of plant labels caught my eye. They were very simple, thin pieces with tiny illustrations and handwritten labels on them. I didn’t manage to get a photo and she doesn’t seem t have them on her website which is a shame, but it was really nice to see the handwritten element, as this is something which I am thinking of using myself for this consultancy module.

We also managed to see Karen Dell’armi, who we met about a month ago at the entrepreneurship ‘Monthly Mingle’. She is a contemporary jewellery maker who was really helpful in terms of advice for setting up and running your own business in the arts field. It was really good to see her today in action.


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