One of the things which were suggested to me in my chat with the consultants on Thursday was to work on my designs, so today I spend my time in the studio drawing elements which could be included. I primarily focused on vegetables to represent the complementary recipes on the cards.

My (hopefully) final 8 cards are:
– Dill
– Thyme
– Parsley
– Rosemary
– Coriander and Carrot (recipe for carrot and coriander soup)
– Basil and Tomato (recipe for tomato and basil pasta sauce)
– Mint and Pea (recipe for minted peas)
– Chives and Potatoes (recipe for potato salad)

I experimented with different media to add colour and also different ways of presenting the veg, by using photos and looking at my artists in my research folder.

I have fallen in love with the shape of the pea pods – these were definitely my favourite to draw. I’d never really paid attention to the curly stalks on the top but I think they’re a cute little extra which allow them to become quite stylised drawings. I’m also a fan of this more realistic shape of the carrots, which are much longer and thinner than I would usually draw. I think this is due to using photos of actual carrots to draw from rather than doing it from memory. I can definitely see these transferred into stitch, which will hopefully be my next step.

I then had a play with circular designs, which was something else suggested by the consultant (she really liked the ones I had drawn previously and suggested developing this further).

This afternoon I also sorted out the recipes which will feature maybe on the back of the cards. I had a look online at various websites and also used my own experience of cooking, which is something I really enjoy doing.
I’ve also planted some seeds in one of the newspaper pots that I made a couple of weeks ago, just to see how they work out.


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