Initial Letterpress Experimentation

Today I spend the afternoon in the letterpress room. This is the first time being in here since the beginning of my second year so it took a little bit of time to re familiarise myself with the process, but once I worked it out I was really happy with what I got done. I am playing with the idea of having the name of the herb on the label on the card printed using letterpress. I also like the thought of having the recipe printed this way, however I’m not sure if this would be too much and too time consuming to put together.

I had a go with both black ink and also just embossing the paper. Although just the imprint does look very crisp and effective, I think the black ink is clearer for a word that’s purpose is to label something outside. It also goes really nicely with my black outlines on my drawings/embroidery.

I think the font is perfect for the aesthetic I am trying to achieve and looks sophisticated. I have a lot more experimentation to do after this afternoon but am happy that this is likely to be something used in my final range of cards.


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