Developing Ideas

Today I’ve been having a little think about how I can take my ideas and development a bit further. I’ve really missed working with fabric while all my attention has been on paper for this project, however then I thought: why have I ruled fabric out? So I’ve been thinking about how I can incorporate this into my cards.
Looking at my stitched samples that I did this morning, I felt like they were just missing a little something. One of the bits I did had appliqued green felt peas and I really liked the look of it, so I’ve now decided to have a little play with fabrics as additions to my embroidered drawings next time I’m in the stitch workshop. Since being home I’ve had a little rummage in my fabric scraps and found a few bits which might look nice. I’m looking forward to having a go.


Yesterday morning I was helping with screen printing in the print studio (holding screens etc) and was thinking about how I wished I had done some myself, because I had forgotten how satisfying and effective it was. However now I’m thinking that it is definitely not too late. I’m thinking maybe using screen printing to colour the inside of my drawings, and then add a black stitched line over the top… this could be a nice idea for some of the cards so this week I’m going to think about drawing up a design.


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