I spend the afternoon today on the sewing machine taking my new drawings of vegetables into stitch. I tried a few ways of adding colour to my embroidery, using stitch, watercolour and acrylic paint. I also added glitter to some of the drawings. I experimented on both white handmade paper and brown paper, and at the moment I’m leaning more towards the brown as a background.


I love the shape of these translated into stitch, especially after leaving the loose threads at the bottom, which almost look like the roots. My least favourite is the one which I coloured using just watercolour. On the thick handmade paper, the paint bled and looks messy, and the orange looks much better on the brown paper than it does on the white. I really like the orange stitching on both backgrounds because I feel it captures the texture of the carrot really well. I’m undecided as to whether I prefer the darker or lighter leaves, so this is something I need to experiment with further.


I actually preferred these before adding the colour. I was really happy with the effect that taking my drawings into stitch gave and I thought the embroidery captured the spindly look perfectly, especially the curly stalk at the top. However I tried a few different medias and I think it is clear what has worked and what hasn’t. Again, the ones on the brown paper are my favourite because the watercolours look much better on this ground. I don’t like the bright acrylic paint however because, similar to the watercolour on the white, it looks very childlike and no where near as sophisticated as I am looking for. I still love the glitter (but much prefer it on top of colour) and the spiral of stitching in the peas is also really effective.


I’m not a huge fan of how these have turned out but I think it might be due to the fact that I didn’t try it on the brown paper. I’ve pretty much got the shape of the actually tomatoes sorted though and I’m really happy with those. I’m unsure about whether or not to use the vine because I really don’t like how it turned out. I am definitely doing to try these on brown to see if that looks more effective.


I had a little go at perforating some of my hand made paper to see if this would work as a possible way of detaching the plant label from the card. I was pleasantly surprised and after trying out different lengths of stitch, it worked perfectly on a circle. I’m still unsure of how the plant label will be positioned on the card, but this is definitely an option I’ll think about.


After initially being a little worried about the though of altering my colour scheme after the consultant’s comments, I’m now much more confident. I’ve swapped the bright orange and pink for more earthy greens and a burnt orange, which will then go alongside the pop of the bright green and silver glitter. This is much more suitable for my target market and gives more of a sophisticated vibe.



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