Tutorial with Helen

One of my aims after the presentation last week was to keep developing my drawings of herbs, as well as looking at foods, so this is what I was working on today. I also started designing a page for a screen, which I hope to expose tomorrow, ready to print next week.

I’ve had a peak at the fresh herbs I had a go at pressing a couple of weeks ago. I did mint and coriander, just because these were ones I already had at home. The coriander came out beautifully and kept its shape and colour really well. The mint has kept its shape but has mostly gone brown, but it smells amazing! I’m going to press a couple more varieties (I’m thinking parsley and chives) and hopefully have a go at putting them in some of the next batch of paper I make.


This afternoon I had a tutorial with Helen, which was really helpful to follow up from the feedback during the presentation last week. This week has gone so quickly but I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved. I think having my own work space really helps because I can just sit there and get on with it, without the distractions of home.

Helen liked my bits that I’ve done onto brown paper and so do I, so I’m definitely going to develop these further. I’ve ordered some thicker brown Kraft card which should be arriving next week, this should also be nice to screen print onto!

Apart from that, she liked my new colour scheme (which I still need to put on my mood board…) and the letterpress bits, and is happy with the progress I have made since the presentation.
One thing which she suggested is to be more aware of drawing the herbs accurately, while keeping the stylised look. This morning when I was drawing, I noticed how similar the leaf shapes of coriander and parsley are, so I need to look closer at what differentiates them. I have bought some on my way home so will use them tomorrow to draw from. This is important to keep up, especially because my drawings are going to be to actually label the plants!

Overall I’m feeling really positive after my tutorial and am looking forward to further developing my ideas this week.



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