Workshop Day

Today I’ve been super busy getting on with development.

First this morning I went to Maggie’s overlocking workshop. This is something that I briefly had a go at last year both during the buddy scheme and on my own final samples. I find that it gives such a professional finish so I’m pretty sure I will use it to present my final collection. It was really useful to learn how to thread up the machine completely from scratch, hopefully I’ll remember how! I took notes and photos as I went along and the diagram on the machine is pretty helpful so hopefully I’ll be able to use it independently. I was really impressed with how neat my practices came out and at the end I was able to thread up again from scratch!


For the rest of the day I was stripping, coating and exposing my screen. I’ve put a few different designs on there, all block background shapes so that I can play around with adding stitch and glitter on top. I’m planning on making up a couple of different greens and an orange, and am also debating whether or not to have a go with some foils…
The plan is to print Monday if we can get a space in the room, onto a mix of brown packing paper, brown card (which will hopefully arrive this weekend!) and white paper. This is the first time that I have made up a screen away from a whole group presentation on how to do it, I didn’t do any screen printing last year and I do regret that, so am hopefully going to make up for it! I’m really looking forward to see how this technique will enhance and add another depth to my designs.

This afternoon I spent an hour or so in stitch, having a go at some more applique. I’m so happy with the samples that I produced and much prefer them to the ones I did previously.


First I looked at my carrot design and did another two. I repeated the orange zigzag effect that I did previously on the body of the carrot and added applique for the leaves. I’m undecided as to whether I prefer the velvet or the canvas so I’m going to continue with experimentation for these.


Then I continued with the pea shape (my favourite!) and this time did it in a velvet. I had cut out some of the green felt to create the peas as I had done before however I then decided to just do this with a green thread, then going over the top with a silver glitter thread. I love the outcome of this and would like to try again in other fabrics.


These are another two samples I created, the leaves need to be coloured, I’m thinking with watercolour, and hopefully this will give them a little more life. I love the shape of the rosemary in stitch.
I’m starting to think about combining the two ingredients into one design so here I’ve tried a pea and mint composition. I do think that it needs to be developed a lot further but I can definitely see potential.

I’m still really liking my designs onto a brown background and can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner!

This weekend I am planning on trying a little bit of hand embroidery to see if that is a route I’d like to explore. Apart from that though I’m going to focus on my dissertation so will get properly back into my subject work on Monday.


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