More drawing…

So far this week I’ve been sorting out my sketchbook, collecting all of my recent samples and drawings and putting them together. This has made me feel much more on track to see some sort of order to my work.
I spent Monday screen printing, which proved more difficult than I was expecting, I think because it has been so long since I last did it. I did get some samples out of it though so I’m going to have a go at stitching into those on Friday. I’m unsure as to whether or not I’m going to use this technique for my final range of cards because the colour may be too solid and ‘perfect’ for the look I’m going for, which is more watercolour. But I do think I’ll continue experimenting with it because I could make it work.
One of the things that Helen suggested to me in my last tutorial with her last week was to do some more drawing of the herbs, concentrating on real plants and getting this realistic. Now that I have done a bit of this, looking back at my previous illustrations I can see exactly what she meant, they were definitely missing something.

Each one has changed in one way or another but all definitely look more realistic. This is important for me because my illustrations will actually be labelling the plants. All it took for me was to actually go back to basics and look at my photos of herbs alongside some actual plants. However I have still managed to keep my graphic illustration style, which I was concerned about loosing if I took away the complete simplicity of the drawings. I still have mint to look at which I’m planning on doing tomorrow.


Earlier this week I was sat at my desk eating lunch and I noticed this label on the back of a celery packet. I’ve never really noticed something like this on veg but it got me thinking about how I’m going to present the recipes that I’ve been thinking about. I quite like the idea of having “why not try..” above it, because I like that it is more of a suggestion than an instruction, which I know I would prefer if I was the receiver of the card. This is a simple, easy, short recipe, similar to those that I have chosen. I’m not really starting to think about the composition of my cards and how everything is going to look when finished.

Tomorrow, I’m planning on making some more paper, with the seeds embedded. I’m also going to have a go at putting in some of my dried herbs. I was going to do this today but there was a paper making workshop in there so couldn’t. Then Friday I think I’ll spend the day in stitch, working into my screen prints and also taking my new drawings of herbs into free embroidery, with some applique.


The lettuce seeds in my newspaper pot are coming on nicely, the green actually looks really pleasing up against the newspaper and it is really satisfying to see something that you have planted develop. This is the feeling that I would like to encourage in my target customer.


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