Catch up!


This week I have been busy sorting out what my final collection is definitely going to look like.

First I had a little go at putting a slit in some lolly sticks. My plan has been to use these to hold the plant label. However this didn’t go to plan and after several attempts, I decided to abandon this idea altogether, due to the wood splitting. It was a nice idea but I wish I had experimented with it before now.
As a result of this, I have decided instead to have the labels rectangular, with a longer part at the bottom to stick into the soil.

I’ve also started having a look at combining my recipe elements. I realised that previously I had only drawn them separately but on the cards, they would be displayed together. I think after this, I’ve decided that instead of doing anything too ‘fancy’, I’m just going to draw them next to each other. I will have more imaginative combinations displayed with the recipe, so for the front of the card I’ll keep it simple. This naturally does work well because most elements are linear, so are effective drawn alongside each other.

After looking back at my initial sketches of my final card designs, I did some more in order to actually make some decisions.

I’ve also had a little think about envelopes. Previously, i hadn’t considered any more than that I wanted them made of recycled paper. I have chosen brown envelopes to coordinate with the brown paper and card elements on the card. I had a play with ideas of how I could decorate the leaves and have decided that, if I have time, I will keep it simple with a name/address frame on the front and then perhaps an illustration on the back which coordinates with what is in the card.

I’ve also started experimenting with how I am going to display the recipes in the four cards with vegetable seed packets. I’ve decided that they will be included as a separate recipe card included within the card package. This is going on the idea that it could be stuck to the fridge or added into a recipe folder once received. I knew I wanted to have the wording presented inside an illustrated frame but played around with a mix of oval and circular designs. I decided the oval is much more effective with the wording inside and fits on a portrait piece of paper much better. I wasn’t overly happy with the circles which I initially drew out so have also developed these a bit further, trying out different compositions and sizing.

So I had a slight issue when purchasing the final seeds I needed for the rest of my papers. Potatoes don’t grow from seed! I can’t believe it has taken me until now to realise this and am surprised that no one else has noticed, but to grow potatoes, you actually need to plant one. If I had realised this earlier, I would have chosen an alternative vegetable, perhaps going back to my salad idea. However, I feel it is too late for this and I’ve developed my potato drawings to a point where I’m really happy with them. Therefore I’ve made the decision to stick with it: I’m thinking perhaps having a plant label for them instead of a seed packet (which would otherwise be empty!!)

I’m a little frustrated by this because I feel the collection won’t be as coherent, as now I will have 4 of one type of card, 3 of another and then this as the odd one out. Its all a learning curve!

Image result for potatoes

This week I have also started thinking about how I would like to display my collection to present to the consultants in a couple of weeks. I would like to get the balance right between making an effort with presentation (as apposed to just plonking my work on the table and wall), and going overboard and taking the attention away from the actual collection.
I’ve bought some small wooden crates which reminded me of those that you buy vegetables from in the markets. These might be quite effective on the table to display the cards in.
I’ve also thought about having a few plants around the display, which I will bring from my own kitchen.
I’d like to keep it quite simple, in order to keep the focus on my work but I think it will be nice to have a few relevant props around to keep it interesting.

I had a tutorial with Irene on Thursday and she focused a lot on my sketchbooks. I would have preferred to speak about my collection, which I was struggling a little with. However it was useful to go back over my sketchbooks and get advice on how to use these to ‘promote yourself’. I feel like it is a little late on in this project to be changing how my sketchbooks are layed out now but it is definitely something I will consider for field next term.
Irene also suggested using materials found in the garden to enhance in my designs, so I’m thinking of having a play with some gardening twine, perhaps hand stitched with a tapestry needle.

Next week I’m going to start on my final recipes and instructions etc. for my collection.


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