Catch-up Bits

I spent today catching up with some more bits that I needed to do before I could start making my final collection.

First I had a play with the idea of having paper inserts inside my cards. This is something that I’ve been thinking about because personally, I like to keep cards if the message inside is particularly special, and in this case it would be lost when the card is planted. Also from a practical side, I found it a little difficult to write on the handmade paper when I was initially planning on drawing on it, I think because it is so thick and soft. By including an insert, this is no longer a problem.
I’ve decided to use brown paper because this will coordinate nicely with the brown on the outside of the card.
Here I tried hand embroidery to bind the papers together. I think this is effective because it keeps with the handmade feel, but I’m also thinking that with a single line of machine stitch, it could look more professional and sophisticated. This is something I’ll try this week.
I like the idea of using a contrasting thread, similarly to that on the outside of the seed packets.


I also stuck down all of my mood boards which helped for them to look much more finished and professional. I amended my colour board, adding my watercolour orange which I had previously forgotten. I’m not overly happy with how it looks (this may have something to do with the black outline, which I didn’t like before but needs to be on there), but I think it is the only way I’ll be able to get the perfect orange and also represent the watercolour texture which is in my drawings.
I also started on my prototype board. I’ve made 2 prototypes, one of each type, and annotated it. I’m going to add some texture, perhaps some examples of fabrics.


I wrote out my final instructions to be included in the packages with the cards. As planned, I included the little illustrations at the side.
I did one for each type because there were a couple of differences necessary.

I’ve made photocopies of these and the recipes I did previously ready to go in the cards.
I also cut out templates for the card bases, the plant labels and the seed packets. This makes me happier about what I’ve got left to do and means that they will all be the right size!
I’ve decided to make the cards A6. Previously I wanted to do A5 to have something a little different from the rest. However after looking at a piece of paper this size, I’ve decided it just looks too big and clumsy.

I’ve still got lots on my list of things to do but think I am doing well for time so far.


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