Group Tutorials

This morning we were put into groups for tutorials ready for presenting to IG next week. Initially I was thinking that I would have much preferred an individual tutorial because they take up less time and I have so much to do, however on reflection I found it really useful.
Irene and the others in my group really liked what I’ve been doing so that was a nice confidence boost. However the main thing which I took from this chat was that Irene suggested that I change my target customer. She said that she could see my range being for children, and that she would buy my cards for her grand daughter, who is 9. This is really interesting because at first I was going to design for children but decided to steer clear because it is what I normally do. However looking back, I feel like instead, I should have chosen something similar to what I want to do for my final major next term, which is highly likely to be something for the younger market!
I have therefore made the decision to change my customer to school age children, perhaps primary so 5-11? My cards are educational and encourage growing your own food and learning to cook, so would be perfect for this age group. We also discussed Jamie Oliver’s work in schools and the idea of educating children about the food that they are eating. My illustrations and wording (for example my instruction cards) are also much more suitable for children. I’m going to do some further research into this idea this evening, and apart form that the only thing I need to change is my customer profile mood board, due to my collection already pointing in this direction.
When I was a child I was obsessed with keeping journals and diaries, scrap booking train tickets and drawings of places I had been. I still have one of the books I made during my summer holidays one year, when I was probably about 8 or 9. I know that I would have loved to have received a card like this and undoubtedly would have kept a journey, documenting the progress of my seeds. This is something else I’d like to think about as I carry on this week.

Due to the tutorials, I was concerned about losing a day of making, however I managed to fit in making the rest of my paper today. Usually this takes me a whole day but I think now that I know what I’m doing, I got it finished much quicker. Tomorrow, if it is dry, I will go back to the workshop and press the paper. This makes me much happier about my progress of my final collection because this is something which I was a little concerned about getting finished – simply because it takes so long. The drying room where I have left my paper was really messy with paint today so I’m really hoping I’ve managed to keep my paper clean.

This evening I’m going to get stuck in with research and then tomorrow I’m going to spend most of the day in the stitch workshop, hopefully getting all of the decorative embroidery finished on both my seed packets and plant labels.



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