Making Progress

I collected and rolled my hand made paper this afternoon. I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out so am looking forward to cutting them into my cards. Having this bit done is making me a lot more confident about getting everything finished.
The piece I made with the pressed mint leaves inside didn’t work as well as I had hoped but this isn’t too much of an issue because I’m not planning on using it in my final collection.

Today I completed the decoration and construction of  the seed packets to go on 3 of the cards. I am really happy with all of the embroidery, I went back through all of my samples from throughout my development and made sure I wasn’t forgetting any of the decisions which I had previously made. I decided to use dissolvable for the leaves on the coriander, hand stitching them in the centre so that they are more 3D. I’m also really happy with the lettering.

I’ve filled these three with the seeds and sewn them up at the top. I’m hoping that the pea seeds won’t be too heavy and cause the card to topple over. If this is the case though, I can easily unpick the stitching, take some out, and carefully stitch the hole back up.

I’ve also started on the plant label decoration, and have completed 2 out of the 6. I am hoping to get the rest done on Monday.
I’m again really happy with these and it is so exciting to see all of this coming together.

My plan for Monday is to complete all of the seed labels. Tuesday will then be cutting out and constructing the cards, then I can spend Wednesday doing any final touches, sorting out my display and writing my presentation.


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