Food Revolution

Following my discussion with Irene and the change to my target customer, I’ve done some research on educating children on healthy eating. I started with Jamie Oliver because of the work he did a few years ago regarding school dinners. I came across his campaign: ‘feed me better’, or ‘FMB’. His aim here was to “ban the junk and get fresh, tasty and, above all, nutritious food back on the school dinners menu”.

He also TV programs: ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’ and ‘Jamie’s School Dinners’ which aimed to expose the bad bits and encourage schools and parents to educate their children on eating healthily and how to cook it. I remember watching these when they were first aired (mainly because he was the reason Turkey Twizzlers were taken off the menu at school) but have re-watched a couple to refresh my memory. Its incredible what the children didn’t know about veg!

I watched the above clip, which is a promo for his program, and it is unbelievable.

I also found a Ted talk by Jamie Oliver called ‘Teach Every Child About Food’, which was really interesting. (Link below)

I’ve also had a further look at the subject, apart from Jamie Oliver and it is a clear issue. I therefore definitely think that this is the aim of my card collection, alongside the zero wastage.


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