Construction & Display

This week I have finished my collection! I had a lot to do but made a detailed plan and managed to stick to it. This meant that today, all I needed to do was to finish my prototype board, and then just set up my display. I was really thankful for this this morning, because this is the point that I would normally be rushing around like a lunatic, so it was really nice to be able to take my time and get everything done without getting stressed out.
I’m really happy with my final display, I spent a lot of time faffing, changing my mind and then changing it back again, so I was able to get to a point where I was really pleased.
I’m nervous for the presentation to IG tomorrow, but I hope to come across as passionate about my collection as I feel. I’m in the last group in the day so have a lot of time in the morning to prepare and practice what I’m going to say.

I pegged up my mood boards on a piece of gardening twine, because it is important to me to keep my theme running through all aspect of my display.
I ended up changing the orange on my colour board (again) and am finally happy with the colour. I also altered my customer profile board to reflect my new target.
I created my prototype board by photocopying my finished collection, alongside half a decorated envelope and some samples of the fabrics I used.


I’m really really pleased with my final display. I felt that 8 cards was a lot to display all in the same way, so I’ve used wooden crates (which reminded me of those I saw holding fruit and vegetables in Borough Market) to raise some parts. I also brought in my own parsley and basil plants which add a lovely green, fresh feel to the display.
I left six cards stood up, displayed with the corresponding envelope behind them. With the remaining two, I wanted to show how they would be packaged to be sold. I laid the carrot and coriander card with the envelope, recipe card and instructions in order to show what would come in the package when bought. Similarly, I also completely packaged up the dill card completely to show the brown bag with the logo on it.

I’m so chuffed with what I achieved today, this evening I need to sort out what I’m going to say in my presentation tomorrow.


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