Beach Visits Over Christmas

Once I got it into my head that I wanted to study rock pools and British shorelines, I was keen to visit some beaches to get some inspiration. I have been to three so far, collecting images and bits of seaweed and shells which caught my eye.

First I visited Westward Ho! in Devon while holidaying in the area for New Year. This is a large, mostly sandy beach and only a small area of rock pools. I was particularly looking at the shape of the seaweed and thinking about how I can go about drawing this myself.


I also went to Lepe, which is a beach in a country park, and one which I have been going to with my family since I was really little, an especially good one for rock pools! Here I focused more on the wildlife at the beach, looking at star fish, crabs, fish, snails, molluscs and birds. I realise that this is a broad subject, but I quite like the idea of my work being busy, to replicate what it looks like in real life, which means looking at sea creatures, seaweed, rocks, shells, birds etc.


Once back to Cardiff, I went to Dunraven Bay, which was a really unusual landscape. There were some really interesting textures and shapes on the rocks created by barnacles and seaweed, and this is also the first time that I was really inspired by the colours here. My colour scheme is naturally likely to be made up of a lot of blue, green and brown hues, but I am keen to get a few brights in there too.



I’ve collected quite a few images on my Pinterest board over the Christmas break, I find that doing this first always really inspires and motivates me to get going, and I’ve found a few artists on there too which I am looking forward to studying.


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