FMP – Initial Ideas

Today we returned to uni after Christmas for our briefing for this term. I’m really looking forward to starting this final project, especially now I finally have some ideas! Over the holidays I was thinking about what I’d like to use as a theme, as it needs to be something which I am passionate about and won’t get bored of. During the consultancy module, I really enjoyed getting inspiration from nature and working with environmental issues, sp wanted to do something similar again. I really liked the idea of doing something seaside themed, as its my favourite place to be, however this has been done so many times before by so many people, with things like beach huts and lighthouses, so needed to think of something a bit different. One thing that I’ve always loved about going to he beach is rock pooling – something that I enjoyed when I was a child but still do now. This got me thinking then about maybe using this as a subject.

So I think I’ve decided to look at British rock pools, perhaps a bit of the conservation, environmental awareness side of things. I’m really excited to start research on such a broad, interesting subject.

I want to use a lot of stitch in my work, but am also thinking of using wet and needle felting, and other techniques which I’ve done previously to capture texture and colour. I’m hoping I can combine these with my illustrative style to create some really interesting pieces, we’ll see. For now I’m going to get stuck into my research – my favourite part!


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