FMP Update

For the last week, I’ve been developing my idea further and, with the help of a tutorial with Helen, I’m pretty happy with what I’m going to do.

Now that my dissertation is over I’m happy to have all of my time to spend on my subject work.

I’m loving the rock pool theme, I think it is perfect for my skills in stitch and for the techniques I want to use, and it is a super broad subject, leaving room for lots of experimentation!

I’ve done a load of artist research, and found a few favourites who I think I’ll take a lot of inspiration from.

I’ve noticed that I’ve become really inspired by a lot of 3D fabric sculptures that I’ve come across throughout my research, so am now thinking about incorporating this into my final collection. I really like the idea of still having my wall hung pieces, but with some sculptures to compliment them displayed in front. Some of my research was into seabirds, so this could be a good place to start. I’ve booked myself onto a ‘drawing with wire’ workshop on Wednesday, which could be helpful for this. I had a quick chat with Maggie today to see if this was something that she could help me with, she said that she didn’t have any previous experience but was up for the challenge!

I also went to the library today to grab some books for research and inspiration (also to take my dissertation books back, which felt really good!) and have photocopied a few pages that I liked at a glance to put up on the wall.


Today I popped down to  Steve to ask if he had any facilities for wet felting. Maggie had said last week that they used to teach it, so he may still have the equipment. He didn’t have much but was more than happy to help me, and I ended up making a piece there and then.
I used a pale green fibre that Steve found, and when I put it into water, it actually looked really similar to seaweed! Now that I’ve actually made a piece, I’m feeling pretty confident that this is a technique that I’ll be using. I’m planning on making a few more pieces, then experimenting with stitching into it.


My space is finally looking lived in and having everything up on the walls is making me feel really motivated to get on with more research and start drawing.




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