Wire Workshop

This morning I went to a ‘drawing with wire’ workshop with Martin, to learn the basics and how to spot weld. I really enjoyed it and am hoping to use it in my final collection.

First I had a go at making a really simple mermaid’s purse outline, to practice spot welding and using pliers to bend the wire.

This was helpful to practice but I think this particular shape will be much more effective recreated in fabric and stitch.

So then I moved on to trying to create some bird feet, as it is likely that this is what I’d be using this technique for. First I used the thicker steel wire and it was quite successful, then I tried the copper coated steel wire. This one was much harder to shape and I couldn’t get as clean a bend, however I do like the ‘quick sketch’ style of this one. I do really like these though and am happy with them.


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