Drawing Seaweed

This week I started drawing some seaweed in my sketchbook. I’ve still got lots of research to do but wanted to start drawing alongside this, because it will mean I can start sampling sooner, which I can’t wait to do!

I did a bit of research first into seaweed found on British beaches and chose 8 types which I liked the look of and that  had a few easily identifiable features.

I’m really happy with these and think that the species I chose are suitable for my illustrative style. I’m looking forward to developing these further in stitch.

On each page I painted a swatch of which colours I used, and this could be the start of putting together a colour scheme for this project. I am thinking of maybe having a palette for each area, for example one for seaweeds, one for birds etc, because there are so many shades I would like to use.

It feels good to actually have something in my sketchbook, and I also have a little bit more of an idea of what my colour scheme is going to look like.


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